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I am fluent in English and more than happy to offer English speaking therapy. I've had many clients who preferred we conducted the therapy in English.

I'm a trained, licensed and experienced psychologist with a bachelor's degree from Aalborg University and a master's from Copenhagen University. I've been doing therapy on way or the other since 2015. My therapeutic approach is based on Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy (ISTDP). This means the therapy is conversation-based, and the method involves focusing on your feelings and thoughts in an effort to uncover and resolve the cause of your problems.


I consider my clinic LGBTQ+ friendly.

I have specialized in the psychotherapeutic method of ISTDP, which is short for Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy. ISTDP is an effective and well-documented form of therapy developed over a long period from the 1960s up to the 2000s by psychiatrist Habib Davanloo. In short, it is a form of therapy that helps you identify the destructive patterns in your life (defense mechanisms), as well as helping you overcome your anxiety and get in better touch with your feelings. ​


When we seek psychological help, it is often the case that our problems are due to defense mechanisms that originate in childhood. When we are hurt - one way or the other - in childhood, it is then we develop our defense mechanism. For a child, the mechanisms are often protective, if still limiting. But later on in life, when we are invited into emotional closeness with others, many of the mixed feelings from back then are brought up into the mix. These feelings often arouse anxiety/nervousness, and this is when our defense mechanisms step in to distance us from the others, or distance ourselves from our feelings.


But then our lives are filled with distance and anxiety rather than security and closeness to those we love. What really characterizes ISTDP is that you and I get to the heart of the matter quickly, efficiently and safely, hence the name “Intensive”. And when we quickly get to the heart of the matter, it is rarely necessary to spend an inordinate amount of time in therapy, hence; "Short-term".


The fact that you and I solve the fundamental cause of your problems rather than just treating symptoms also means that the changes often become permanent and that you yourself continue your development after the course ends.

1 session

á 50 min. - 1100 DKK.

1 dobbelt-session

á 100 min. - 2100 DKK

If you are a member of the insurance group danmark, you are eligible to receive financial support for your treatment. See danmark's website for more information. Depending on your group membership at danmark, this often means a return of 300/450 per session (600/900 DKR per double session). 

All cancellations must be made 24 hours before the planned session, if not the session will be billed as usual. Any sessions taking place on a monday, must be cancelled earlier than 16:00 the friday before, or it will also be billed as usual.

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Cancellation policy

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